Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Texas Mani

Hi! Happy Wednesday :) Here is my Texas Mani. I totally think I'm gonna rock this veryyy soon. I got my tickets to see Brad Paisley today, so the countdown to Rodeo is officially on...

Thumb, middle and pinky: Suzi Loves Cowboys

I HAD to go back for SLC from the Texas Collection. The brown looked sooo pretty in the bottle; I had NO IDEA that a brown jelly/sorbet was even possible. I was extremely surprised to see how smooth this went on.

Index: Extra-Va-Vaganza! (Pictured above so you can see the glitter)

Extra-va-vaganza! also came in the mail today (along with Simmer & Shimmer) so I couldnt wait to try it on. Gahhh...I love this whole line of glitters SO much. This one has mostly orange glitter with silver and very few turquoise flecks in there. This went on a little thinner than Show it & Glow It! which is a bit dissapointing. I had to apply 3 coats to get even coverage. I think MAYBE it's because it has less strong colors than Si&Gi. Not discouraging enough to wear it again....because I really liked it

Ring: Essence- Just in Case

This is one of the best spent dollars in a long time. I wish I had bought a backup of this because this was the last bottle when I got it (so keep an eye out for me). I was afraid that my skin tone (NC40) would not compliment it. But I was wrong! I really liked this coppery/brown color. The application was extremely even and 2 thin coats were enough. I also used Konad S5 plate. I'm still polishing (no pun intended ^_-) up my stamping skills, so this was not at all in the middle of my nail..wahh!!

All in all....I'm pretty happy with it :)

Have an awesome night....xox

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