Sunday, September 25, 2011

China Glaze Heart of Africa

Happy Saturday (Sunday) everyone! I hope your weekends are going good. Mine was pretty good, spent the day with Bells and DH then hung out with my parents and played Loteria (Mexican Bingo....if you haven't played MUST; it's super fun!!). Earlier today I was watching Twilight; yes, I'm one of THOSE. It made me want to put on a vampy red; which surprisingly enough, I don't have too many of. A while back I went on a rampage looking for a vampy red and had no luck, everything I liked was OOS or DC >_< I finally found Heart of Africa...and boy do I love it! HoA is a berry red shimmer. I wore this alot last winter, it just seems to be one of those shades that makes the transition from fall to winter super easy (instead of having to wonder if it's "time" for certain colors yet).This is two coats, plus one of SV.

Speaking of Twilight....(in case any of ya'll are Twi-hards like me....pre-sale tix go on sale next Sat. I will be on Fandango first thing after the Komen Breast Cancer Walk).

Who's with me???

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sally Hansen always has me going on Mystic treasure hunts!

Hi everyone! I have missed being here, life has been pretty hectic lately! If you wanna read what I have been up to, you can check out My So Called Un-Life. On to more important things (like the nails!!)...

I first got into nail polish maybe about a year ago...there are just sooo many reasons to love nails and everything you can do with them. I remember when making my first "lemming" list and searching EVERYWHERE for certain colors. Somewhere at the top of my list was Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac. I must have gone to every drug store in my area looking for it and NOTHING! So heartbreaking!! rainy day I stopped at a random Walgreens and what do I see in the clearance jar.....MYSTIC LILAC! I remember thinking "SUCKERSSS...Ya'll don't know how precious this is!" I hoped to find a backup so I asked around, but no such luck. I guess I was meant to take just one bottle home. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, it ended up in my untrieds for a year. Yes, a whole year!! :(

This past weekend I sat down for my weekly mani/pedi and wasn't feeling any color, so I decided to purge with a nude/taupe. A few choices later and still...nothing. Until ML caught my could I have forgotten you for so long???

My nails are still pretty short (I have learned that I am a stress nail-biter)...but oh how I love the color!!

From Sally Hansen's Fall 2010 collection, ML is a grayed-out lilac taupe with grayish almost-green micro shimmer. I applied it at night, so when I took pictures I was a little dissapointed at how un-lilac it pulled on me, since it looked nothing like the bottle color. I still loved the color, though...

Direct light w/flash

Direct light, no flash

Look at that micro-shimmer!!

The next day I went outside and fell in love even more with this color. I think it's taupe-y enough that you can wear it to work, but still edgy enough that it's not meh...

I wonder what happened to all the bottles of ML?? It seems like there are never enough of these awesome colors....Sally Hansen, why do you do this to us???

I missed you all so much!! It's great to be back. I have some really neat (wait, did I just use that word??) things planned out for all the upcoming events/holidays. I can't wait to share them with ya'll!!