Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nail Art Challenge (Day 15 & 16)/ Glow in the Dark Ring

So yesterday I spent most of the afternoon making rings. I don't know how, but I managed to stab myself in the face with my pliers. Ha! I think I was so afraid to break a nail that I'm almost glad it was my face and not my hands. Sick huh? I had to make up for the day I missed so I applied a BM stamp to my already applied color (SH Blue Me Away).

15 of 31

I know I said I was gonna stick to greens for the month, but the day was soooo pretty..I just had to do a blue! Once I took that off I was fully planning on doing a nude. Do you ladies watch The Bachelor? Well, Monday I watched the finale and I just loved Emilie's nails. The opaque-almost white look looked gorgeous on her. After reading around a bit I found a couple of colors that I wanted to try and I fully intended to use one of those. Buuut...since I THOUGHT St. Patty's was today, I went with OPI Jade is the New Black. 

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What a poor excuse for nail art, huh? I used the gold Konad special polish to stamp the clover. I think overall this week has been a bit off for me. But, today is my Friday; major PLUS! The whole ring making threw me off, so as a little is one of the rings I made yesterday:

The owner of the bead shop said she had just gotten these in and that they were glow in the dark. Who doesn't want their jewelry to glow in the dark?!? How cool is this stone?? I'm a total nerd and this reminded me of Lex Luther stealing Kryptonite from the art museum in Superman Returns. Ha!

Side Note:
I really need to figure out how to stamp twice on the same nail. I'm not sure how the ladies with really long nails do it to get overall coverage (other than with the XL stamps). What techniques do you use to fully stamp your nail if the plate is too small?

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