Thursday, April 14, 2011

Essie Borrowed and Blue

Happy Thursday everyone! So I was walking through Ulta the other day and I almost missed the tiny Essie Wedding Collection 2011 display. It was seriously small.

I wasn't too excited about any other the colors in particular. They all look pretty dupeable IMO. The one I couldn't resist getting was Borrowed and Blue. It reminded me of the Tiffany's blue, only lighter and not so aqua-ish. Essie has a way of seriously sucking me in with their advertisements. Doesn't it look gorgeous in the picture? In real life...ehh...not so much.

The real life color is much more toned down. I had a really tough time capturing the blue to this because in pictures it came out a bit washed out and it just looked white :( The application was pretty nice though. I was expecting it to be streaky, but it wasn't. I applied 3 coats just to get more blue. As I was applying this I thought this is probably a dupe for HC Sky. I will have to pull that one out and do a comparison. What do you ladies think of this blue??