Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Favorite Pair of Shoes

I have a thing for Converse! I'm on a mission to own as many colors as I can, so far I'm up to 6 pairs, but the teal ones are by FAR my favorite of them all! A while back I did a Chuck mani on MUA

My nails were much shorter back then (this was in December I think). The closest color I had to match my shoes was OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. SSFS is a gorgeous blue, and I love it...but it doesnt quite match the color of my shoes. Then alooong came Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. It is a perfect match!! So I decided to recreate this mani, I even added an additional accent.

The white tip on the ring finger was done with Scotch tape. For the laces and black trim I used Sally Hansen Nail Art pens like these, and just applied rhinestones to the lace holes. For the thumb I used my dotting tool and freehanded the star with OPI Simmer and Shimmer.

I'm even having a separate pair of Chucks custom painted. I can't wait for them to be ready so I can show everyone! This took me a while because I was watching DWTS...yes, still Kirstie FTW! The cleanup took a while because blues are just a total PitA to remove, they stain horribly! I'm sure you can see it in my cuticles. my accent nail is actually horribly stained :( Oh well, I still love you BLUE!

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Saw this on the nail board! So Cute!!

  2. i LOVE chucks too! my siblings tried to custom make a pair for me on the converse website, but not available to canadians :( i passed up a teal pair (probably the same as the ones you have here!) and regret it to this day! my new motto is "when you find a pair of chucks in an awesome colour for a good price, do NOT walk away!" i have about 5 pairs now...

  3. They are just so comfortable and perfect in every way! Lol I saw a new collection of colors at Journeys and I really like the yellow ones! :)

  4. Ah love this! Love my chucks too!