Monday, May 2, 2011

This Should Have Been My Royal Mani...

Happy Monday everyone!! I decided to take a break this weekend and I did not open my computer at all. I spent time with my BFFs on Saturday, so Sunday I was nursing a really bad hangover; I spent all day yesterday on my couch. It was AWESOME!! Ok so I did not do a Royal Wedding mani, partly because Friday I was nursing Thursday's hangover. (UGH...this sounds sooo bad, lol) I saw A-England on MUA and well, who isn't a sucker for holos? Everyone, meet Tristam:

If I had done a royal mani, it would have been this with a stamped silver crown. Ahhh how beautiful did Kate look??

Tristam is a scattered blue holo. The holo in this isn't like any of the other holos I have, this one is much finer and it looks almost linear. This is 2 coats and it's completely opaque. 

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Wow I'm loving this color more and more every time I see it! I adored Kate's dress :)

  2. this is such a unique color!

    Kate looked absolutely stunning! I wish I knew what it feels like to be a regular person one day and then become a princess the next haha

  3. I know!!! Why can't we all meet a prince?! I loved that dress! And I'm pretty glad it wasn't too over the top.