Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OPI Russian Navy Suede

Having an olive skin complexion can be kind of tricky when it comes to alot of colors....there are some you can't pull off AT ALL. Buuuut...there are others than you can absolutely wear and get away with, one of those is blue. Blues is my friend! Last year I was so into China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and had been looking for another blue in the same family to use as my go-to color this upcoming winter. I found it!! OPI Russian Navy Suede is just so pretty.

It's a matte navy blue with silver and purple flecks. I saw it a while back and picked it up at Ulta a few months back. I'm in serious purging mode and after shaking it for a good 10 minutes it was good to go.

Artificial Light/No Flash

Artificial Light/Flash
 As much as I love this color, I'm just not a huge fan of mattes. I HAD to add some shine!!

It's sooo pretty....ahh I love those blues!

What's your favorite nail color family??