Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BM/Konad Cheat Sheets

When I decided to start stamping I had NO idea how many stamps there were...ahhh the choices!!! (>.<)

I started off with the Bundlemonster image plates because I was super hesitant to shell out $7 per plate on something that might not even work for me. So...I went on Amazon and purchased the 21 plate set for $17.99. Even then, I didnt have a good idea of what I was getting....here are some cheatsheets in case you want to know what comes in the BM set.


I also picked up a few Konad plates at my local mall. I'm lucky enough to have a kiosk so I can see them in person and know what I'm buying beforehand. 




I hope this helps!! 


  1. I love love love Konad :-) I have never tried bundle monster before but stamping is great fun x

  2. It's a super cheap alternative to Konad. The quality is a bit off, but totally comparable.

  3. I keep putting off getting the BundleMonster ones because I rarely find time to use the plates I've got but I do want them.

  4. IMO I think I'd use them more for holidays or "special occasions". I just don't see myself using these on a daily basis.

  5. Is the "special" Konad polish worth getting? The kiosk at my mall is super-overpriced, but might be worth it. For instance, I'm using WnW black cream (Ebony hates chris) The downside - it's a quick dry and I have to work super fast which equals super sloppy. Should I get the konad black?

  6. How overpriced is it? I actually really like the special polish. I'm not that experienced with it yet, so this is perfect for me because the formula is not like normal nps, its not runny at all.