Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deborah Lippmann: Glitter in the Air Review

I'm a total sucker for blues and pinks. I called 2 weeks ago and GitA was out of stock...I was pretty bummed. I got lucky today, and they had just been put out. Yay for Nordstrom's!

I had mixed emotions on buying this because I had not seen one swatch of it that caught my eye...the color looked a bit off in pictures. I got it anyways...thinking if I didn't like it I could always swap or put it up for a givewaway later down the road. But...I think this one is a keeper. I read that GitA was inspired by Pink's 2009 VMA performance. Same song, Glitter in the Air. I LOVED that performance. She did a trapeze act wrapped in ribbon and then somehow ended up wet (I can't remember where the water came from though, lol)

How crazy is this?!?!
After reading how many coats it took to get this opaque (and still hating it), so I went with Kleancolor Pastel Bleu since it resembles what the base coat SHOULD look like.

When I used the tester at Nordy's, I had Revlon Coconut Crush on the tips, and I did two coats over it. The VNL looked way better. If I ever decide to wear it alone, I'll definitely do something to my tips. This looks sad!!!

I actually really like this! It reminds me of squishy yogurt. I applied one thin coat of PB (hence the steaky mess). The application was a bit tricky because the bigger flakes were hard to get on. I had to move them around to the desired spots. This was 3 coats. Plus 1 coat of PB and 1 of SV.

I absolutely LOVE how the glitter from the bottom layers blend in to the background and only a few are in the foreground. I think this was the whole "glitter in the air" effect DL was trying to accomplish.

Close-up of the glitter. It looks so "whimsical" and a really nice break from all the pinks and corals. When you look closer, you can see flecks of purple, green, orange, and red. (Although I'm looking at the bootle and I don't see them)

I actually really like this color. I have seen a bunch of "hate" towards it, and although it's not the PERFECT color, I think for me it works. Not as out there as AtU or Happy Birthday, but a more subtle variation of it. DL can do no wrong in my book. Except...for Maneater? I got it free with my purchase today and I was stoked about the name...I'll have to try it on...stay tuned :)

Deborah Lippmann, you.are.a.genius.



  1. i absolutely love your swatches of GitA!!! i have to get it now! actually, i was thinking about what other colors would be good to layer with this and i thought, what if i used lippmann happy birthday as a base for this? they the glitter from that would peek through the sheer base of GitA. Or i could layer happy birthday in between coats of GitA, i think that would be soo interesting... what do you think?

  2. I had never thought to try that, but yeah....that does sound interesting. I don't have HB, but I do have WnW Party of 5 Glitters so I might try this one day.

  3. I love this one! It looks so cute and whimsical indeed.

  4. Thank you! I can't believe it doesn't get more love:(

  5. I know, right? I'm waiting for my own bottle and I am going to CHERISH IT! :)