Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nails by Huemorista

One of my many obsessions is creating things, so any time when someone else shares that same passion...I HAVE to show support :)

So, let me start off by saying how talented Jayna is. I have yet to successfully franken anything; much less the amazing colors she's come up with. I picked Lavender Hush and Bubble Bath from the "Sweet Serenity" collection and Sex on the Moon from the "Naughty" collection.

How adorable is the packaging???

Lavender Hush:
LH is from the "Sweet Serenity" collection. It's a cool lavender with a shimmer.

Sex on the Moon:
Ok, to be quite honest I mostly got this because of the name. How cool is it? But this is actually a pretty amazing polish. It's a darker purplish gray. This has bigger flecks that are alot more visible than in BB. It also has tiny holo glitters. Who doesn't love a bit of holo in their life? Anything with this a recipe for success in my opinion. Suprisingly enough, I think this is my fav of the 3 and I can definitely see myself using this the most. I'm a sucker for greige/blurple. Yes, I know this isn't either....but I like color combos the best. I like that the flecks aren't too visible (I don't feel too comfortable wearing "crazy" colors to work), so this is perfect for everyday wear.

Bubble Bath:
I can't wait for the summer to get here...I plan to rock this all summer long. It reminds me of the color of a pool. I wish my camera had had enough juice in it to be able to take a picture of it in the sun. When the light hits it, the flecks reflect and in combination with the blue, it just looks really "cool" (as in water...not being stuck up, lol)

I can't wait for her spring line to come out!

Click HERE to visit her shop :)



  1. Hi there, new follower here.. I just ordered both of these as well, but I'm most excited for Hidden Rainbow. It reminds me of the enormous jawbreaker candy ball!

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