Monday, February 28, 2011

Artsy Monday: Hot Pink and Orange Leopard

Happy Monday everyone! I totally got off track this weekend in posting things. So this is my late Artsy Thursday post.

I started off with Rimmel Sunset Orange and Confetti Not Your Mother's Pink. I actually like the way this looks plain. I looked everywhere for Sunset Orange, and finally found it at Ulta.

I used Konad M57 and the Konad Special Black polish. I really need to remember to use lint free pads when using Konad. A few strands of lint got stuck to the plate, so when I stamped, the image smeared a bit. I tried to Photoshop it as best I could. But you can still see some of the smears. :( I filled the holes in the leopard print with alterating colors. I think maybe next time I'll use lighter shades for the spots so they show better.

I hope everyone's Monday goes great!


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