Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wonder Woman Nails

I was so excited when I was told on MUA that these were out. So, I called MAC and to my surprise they had them in stock.

How ADORABLE are these!?!?


I actually really like both of these colors. The colors are so rich. SCORE for MAC!!!

Obey Me is actually a bit jellyish so there is a slight VNL after 2 coats. I really like this shade of red. Most reds tend to make my hands look really orange, or the red itself pulls orange because of my olive complexion. This stayed red and didn't give me lobster hands. The bottle is just to die that's a plus.

I was surprised at Spirit of Truth. This is a total one coater, and I imagine that it would be pefect for stamping. I love the bottle so much, I doubt that I will be "wasting" it on stamping. I used two coats here, but only because my application was so crappy that I wanted to make sure it pictured true to color. Also, how clever are the names??

I decided to play around with some WW nail art....what do you think??

Have a great weekend everyone...xox...L