Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye March Greens....

March was definitely the month for greens. I went through quite a few of my green untrieds, but I HAD to end the month with one of the my most anticipated untrieds. Nubar Reclaim is my very first linear holo.

SV, why must you shrink so much?

I have a few other holos, but this one is unlike any of the others that I have. With scattered holos, the base pigmentation is not so strong. So it's really a lighter washed out base with scattered holo properties. This one is different because its green-green (ha!) and yet, just as holo-y. I took quite a few pics to show it's amazingness :)

Ahhh....the rainbow

Even without flash you can still see it

What a great way to say goodbye to March. I still can't get over how fast this month has gone by. After trying reclaim, I definitely need more linear holos. What are some of your favorites??