Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet My Minion

Happy Friday everyone!

Despicable Me is by far one of my favorite Disney movies recently. It's just such a cute movie and being a parent...well it holds a special meaning because for all of us that have children...well we know just how much they can change our lives. Bella has this movie on constant rotation and I love sitting down and watching it with her. We call her our minion sometimes...which inspired today's mani. Stewart, my minion for the day:

Earlier in the week I mentioned I had a failed attempt at doing a mani, this is it. My problem was I was trying to tape off his suspenders. I started off the same way and STILL I failed. So again, I was about to give up. I gave it one last shot, this time freehanding the design and I must say I like how it came out. I have a bit of OCD and usually not having straight lines (this is why I rarely do tape manis) would really have bothered me.'s clothing, right? It can't be perfect (._.) For the base I used China Glaze Blue Paradise. I got this by pure mistake (or was duped into it actually). I went to Sally's the other day and I saw a semi-full Tronica display. I didn't bother to look at the labels because I assumed that they were all Tronicas (I was in a rush). When I got home, I saw this one is obviously NOT a holo, and was going to swap it out, but I actually really like this color. It does make me mad when Sally SA's do this though..if you don't have it...take the display out!! UGH! It does make a good "denim" color though :) Here is a closeup of him:

The base for Stewart is OPI The "It" Color. I used the dotting tool that has the really thin striping brush on the other side for all my lines. It's a perfect width to make thin lines, yet it's not too long. I've tried using the striping brushes with the really long bristels, and it's a total FAIL every time. The np rolls down the bristles in one big glob :( His eyeball and mouth were done with OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys. Mmmm...brown jelly :D I used those really big pearls from the wheel I said I would never use for his eyeball and dotted the silver with SH Celeb City. The black is all WnW Black Creme.

I could watch this movie over and over....ahhh to be a kid again! What's your favorite kid movie?

Happy Friday everyone :)


  1. I love your leetle minion(in my best Steve Carell villian voice) lol This is sooo cute and I really wanna try it sometime. I too loved this movie and I don't even have any kids lol I actually saw it in theaters too lol I would have to say my favorite kid movie would have to be Beauty and The Beast :) Gotta love a brunette Disney character :)

  2. Thank you :)

    Ahhh...tale as old as timmeee...CLASSIC!

    I want to go see HOP and I saw a minion creeping around the preview...I think :)

  3. Good lord, this is the CUTEST effing thing ever! You're crazy talented! :)

  4. Thank you! The eyeball was seriously irking me so I ripped it out the next day lol