Monday, March 14, 2011

Nail Art Challenge (Day 14)

This time change is horrible! I almost overslept and my daughter did NOT want to cooperate with me to get out of bed. UGH!! I hope all your Mondays are going better than mine is. Here is today's mani.
14 of 31

I was going to use scotch tape for the tips, but decided I might as well try something new. I did the tips with a brush and acetone. My ring finger is still shorter than the rest of my nails, so this was a nice was to disguise that. The tips are done in SH Lickety-Lime Split. How gorgeous is this color!?! Again, I used BM03 for the shamrock. The dots were done using the dotting tool. I TRIED to have them go from bigger-smaller, but they all ended up being the same size. Both were done using SH Emerald City. I have all these little ridges on my nails. I really need to use some Biotin or something. Maybe drink more water. I'm not really sure what's it due to or if anyone else has this problem.

Do you ladies have ridges like these on your nails?

Thanks for reading :)



  1. I really love this design! It's so simple yet conveys the holiday well.