Monday, March 7, 2011

Nail Art Challenge (Day 7)

I got the SH Salon Effects Nail Strips in Laced Up as accents on my ring and thumb with WnW Black Creme on the rest of my fingers. Originally this is what it looked like:

7 of 31
I decided to play with it a bit and do scotch tape tips a la Chloe. This was the end result:

I was surprised at how easy it was to remove the strips. (Maybe the fact that I only had them off a few hours helped a bit too). I just did the foil method and the strips seems to come off in the consistency that reminded me of marshmallows when you're making rice krispies treats. I was a bit disappointed at how light the lace was in the strips, it really contrasts agains Black Creme. Overall, I think when I do this again I will go with just one accent nail. 


  1. I love the black lace effect, looks lovely and a great idea to have more than the ring finger in this design xx

  2. I think I MIGHT try this with stamping, but the black I use is so runny that I'm scared it'd gonna smear all over the place.