Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Need a perfect summer pink? Meet My Magenta

So after my trip to the beach last week my hands seem about 78 shades darker. Everything I wear looks totally different now. But, this is by far one of the best pinks there are out there in my opinion. Most of them tend to pull orange or red on my skin depending on what the undertone. This is not the case with How I Met Your Magenta. Wet 'n Wild totally scored with their new fastdry line. The colors are all so rich in pigment and they are really easy to apply. This one is a pink with gold shimmer. I wouldn't call it hot pink, but more of a rosy pink. This is 2 coats +1 of SV. Dare I say this is my favorite from this line so far? Perfect for spring/summer.

Here is a close up so you can see the gold shimmer:

It reminds me of those crossbred roses that have pink and a bit of orange like these:

I don't usually like roses, but these seem to be good inspiration for nail polish.

Ready for summer,



  1. That is beautiful!! I must get that color :)

  2. Wet n Wild is totally stepping their game up!