Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring is On It's Way

We had the most perfect weather all weekend! Mid 70's and clear skies. How can I not be inspired? Nothing says Spring is here like the birds and the bees :)

For this mani I used OPI The "It" Color. It's a bit sheer, so this is 3 coats. Not the easiest color to work with, but totally worth it in the end; it reminds me of egg-yolks :)

A while back I ordered some heart rhinestones, pearls, and a set of dotting tools from BornPretty and they FINALLY came in. I couldn't wait to use the dotting tool. This was the smallest dot. I used BM20 to stamp my thumb with Konad Polish. I was going to do my whole nail, but I'm a bit hung over so I did not have the patience to tape it off or try and restamp my thumb. Plus, I think the off angle shows off my lil' bee's stinger more :) The black dots were done with WnW Black Creme and the daisies were dotted with WnW French White Creme. The flowers were really easy to do, just one center dot followed by dotting the petals. Since the polish was still wet, the rhinestone went on without the need for the usual clear polish to make it adhere. I applied a coat of SV to seal all the colors in. In total this took about 30 minutes (3 coats take a while to dry)

I REALLY hope the weather stays this way for a while. DH is coming home this week so I hope we can enjoy some quality outdoor time with Bella before it gets too hot. (Houston weather is brutal in the summer).

Thanks for looking:)



  1. Am I the only one who doesn't see any pictures? :/ Hmmm... I'll check back! :)

  2. Still having trouble seeing pics??

  3. This is such an adorable mani. Very creative, and inspiring :D