Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dupe Alert? Chanel Black Pearl vs. Revlon Black with Envy

I have been formally introduced to Chanel! Black Pearl is my first Chanel, and it did not dissapoint! I saw a few comparisons of BP with Revlon's Black with Envy, so I decided to do one of my own. I rarely get to take sunlight pics, so I had to do an impromptu bottle(s) shot in my car.
Can you spot the Ulta bag?


Do NOT honk at me! Can't you see I'm taking pictures? Yes, this is normal :)


First up is Black Pearl. At first glance, I thought I was going to regret getting this because of the green tones it has. I figured it would end up looking "dirty" on my nails. I do think that this polish is popular mostly based on its name brand. That being said, I really liked it. Is it worth the $25? Maybe. The applications on both of these was relatively easy. I applied 3 coats of each, but BP seemed to be harder to apply. I had to be carefult not to overlap strokes too much to avoid "seams". Here are some shots:

My favorite shot of BP, really captures the green.

No flash
Next up is Revlon Black with Envy. I ran into a bunch of these at Ulta. It reminds me alot of OPI Black Satin. It has a little thicker shimmer to it and it lacks the green undertones. It is beautiful nonetheless. I also picked up a lipstick (rare, I never wear makeup).

You can see just how much more shimmery this is.
No flash

Now here are the two side by side. Again, this is 3 coats of each (plus one of SV, which explains the shrinkage).

No flash

Final verdict: Are they dupes? No. But they are very similar (maybe even enough to save yourself the $25 and the sometimes snooty Chanel SAs)  Without the flash, they pretty much look the same, the finishes are both shimmery, they need 3 coats to completely cover. Other than the green undertones, I think Revlon majorly scored another one for the Thrifty Team! I think I will keep them both for now until I decide which one I like best.

Which one would you rather have? BP or BwE?


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