Monday, April 4, 2011

I crossed the pond and it was SPICY!

Thanks to MUA and to a wonderful swapper I got my hands on my first international polishes. This pretty came to me from across the pond. I NEED more UK polishes! This was a super exciting swap for me. I most looked forward to Accessorize Pink Spice. I have yet to find MAC Bad Fairy :( I do have Claire's Poison Apple but I just wanted another go at trying to find the "next best thing" I went a bit crazy with the pics because honestly I am in LOVE with this polish! As I'm writing this I look at it and it looks like a straight magenta foil. When I was applying it, it looked more orange-y and when I took pics it looked more reddish gold. All of these make for a great duochrome foil. I applied 3 coats because it's a bit sheer, but maybe I think I will apply 2 thicker coats next time. This picture is the most color accurate...

Gold and Pink

So sparkly!

Gotta love the duochromes! What's your favorite duochrome?


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