Monday, April 4, 2011

Zoya Tamsen

I swatched the rest of the Zoya's on my hands to see which one I would wear today and this one just called to me. Tamsen is described as Medium warm brick red with strong orange tones with an opaque cream finish. Please excuse the dark residue underneath my nails. A full mani is in desperate need.

I am in love with this color! I have been really feelin' reds lately, but I don't have anything like this in my stash. It's not a true red, yet it doesn't pull too orange or brown either. This would look great in the fall. The first pic is more color accurate. I really wish you guys could see the acrobatics I do to take NOTDs. I will make that my next project, haha!

Where do you ladies take your NOTD pictures?


  1. I am not a fan of reds, but this is stunning!!

    I always try to take my photos outside in the sunlight

  2. Thank you! I think maybe because its more of a burnt red. I always say I'm gonna take pics outside, but by the time I get to do doing my nails it's already dark out :(

  3. This makes me think of coral jewelry or alternatively, hot sauce. Like it. I am really struggling to find the right light fom my pics. I'm too lazy to read the instructions on how to adjust settings on my camera. I spend what little time I have on the NOTD. Wish I had more time!

  4. Hot sauce is exactly what it looks like! :D I think unless I can convince DH to make me a lightbox, I will stick with this for now.

  5. This colour is awesome on you! I don't think I could pull it off on my skintone...