Friday, April 8, 2011

The FORCE is Strong in This One!

Happy Friday! This week has seriously dragged on! After some family drama all afternoon yesterday, I needed some ME time when I got home. I knew what I was going to do for this mani, but I wasn't too sure if it would work out since I had never used matte np. I heard a bunch of good things about other brands, but I really haven't seen too much feedback on the Hard Candy matte np....but this is all I had. One of my BFF's always gives me ideas on what to do on my nails (Hi Kelly, I know you're reading this!) and out of left field she suggested I do Star Wars because she knows I love it. I thought....what a genius this girl is. Her original suggestion was R2D2, which I will one day try and do. But I came up with this instead:

I used WnW Black Creme. I'm not really sure why there's glitter though. I think it's because of my previous Show it and Glow It mani. It reminds me of Sally Hansen Midnight in NYC in these pics. UGH..I should've gone with that one! Don't you hate when that happens? I didn't want the other nails to look too "blah" so I put the rhinestones....for stars maybe? Then with a really thin brush I freehanded Darth Vader's face. The eyes were made with a dotting tool. Working with matte is pretty hard. It kept drying on me because I wasnt working fast enough and it would get all streaky so I constantly kept wiping the goopy brush. I can't imagine having to do this on all my nails! Star Wars...why must you be so awesome!?!?!

Thanks for looking and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


  1. i love this! i'm going to have to try this soon! <3 Vader <3

  2. Thank you!! I'm still not decided on what to do for May 4th. Any ideas?

  3. Thanks ladies! DH brought me over to the dark side:)