Saturday, April 9, 2011

Black Rainbow (My First Franken)

So I'm sure you've heard about the whole OPI My Private Jet drama and it's 4892665 versions. If you haven't, here is the Cliffnotes of it:
OPI originally released MPJ in 2007. From what I hear (because I don't have the original version), it was seriously awesome. (A black holo, what's not to love?) It looked like this:

Well, something happened and it was quickly discontinued and a bunch of other versions were released including this one (which is the one I have)

Obviously it's not the same color. This is NOT black and it's NOT holo. So, I was on MUA the other day and I saw someone (click here to see Moxie's Franken)  Franken (when you mix polishes to make an even awesome one) OPI DS Original and Black Onyx to make their own MPJ version. Now, I don't have Original...but I do have Sapphire, so I read this works just as well. Off I went....I even had the perfect name for it! Introducing....Black Rainbow (how unoriginal, I know)
With Flash

Super direct eye blinding flash

No flash...look at that bottle holo!


Following her recipe, it took about 3/4 Sapphire to 1/4 Black Onyx and about 4 drops of WnW Black Creme (to make it more black). This is 3 thin coats layered over Black Creme (I will post pics of it alone when I wear it). I don't have the original MPJ, but now that I have this..I don't I even want to bother and look for it anymore. My wallet is grateful!

Thanks for looking :D