Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Spring! The chikie has hatched...

I spent all weekend watching Sons of Anarchy. How awesome is that show? We sat around and did NOTHING and it was awesome. We did plant these little palm trees and the weather was soooo pretty this weekend. SH left on Sunday, so after Bella went to bed, I did a few swatches. I actually did not do a polish change all weekend! I haven't done that in a while (weekends are usually when I try out designs that have been in my head all week). I have however been wanting to do a baby chick nail, so here it is:

I originally planned to use OPI The "It" Color, but I've used in a few of my manis and this was still untried. I'm not too crazy with this color. It pictured really nice, but looked NOTHING like this IRL! I think this is more suited for a fair skinned person. I'm too olive for this and my hands looked extra burnt :) It was really streaky; but after 3 coats, it was completely opaque. The drying time was really fast though...and how cute is that bottle!?!?! The white was done with Scotch tape and the rest with a dotting tool. For the eyes I used WnW Black Creme and the beak is Revlon Mad About Mango. I can't wait for Easter, I got Bella her Easter basket and dress. I think she's big enough for a real egg hunt this year, so that's pretty exciting.

Are you ready for Easter? What are your plans??



  1. so cute!!!!! =)

  2. so appropriate! this is an adorable mani!

  3. I LOVE the baby chick in the cracked egg! Awwww!

    That's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. :D