Tuesday, April 19, 2011

La Vida Es Una Lucha

Happy Tuesday (or my Wednesday, since I'm off on Friday)!! So I HAVE to get one of these tees. The guy who is doing my shoes is a crazy awesome artist and this is one of his pieces. How awesome is this?!? It's a play on words because Mexican Wrestling is called "Lucha Libre". This is roughly translated into Life is a Fight.
He said he thought it would be pretty cool to do this on nails, so because curiosity got the best of me I HAD to try to recreate this somehow. Here is what I came up with:

The blue I used is WnW Saved by the Blue (it's a gorgeous cobalt blue, reminds me of SH Co-Bolt Blue, only lighter), Sally Hansen Celeb City and WnW Black Creme. I scotch taped the lines on my thumb (I was going with the wrestling theme and this was the "ropes"). I freehanded the mask with the brush end of my dotting tool and then just filled it in. His face was made with a dotting tool and filled in with a brush.

We got into talking about how I do my nails since he works mostly with markers. Like...a major conversation about what I can/can't do my nails with and he posed a really good question. Could I use the same oil based acrylic markers he works with on nails? I stopped by my art supply store and picked up a few colors just to try them out. It was an EPIC FAIL! The colors stayed on the nail just fine, but the moment I tried to put any TC on, the colors ran and the image distorted. I Googled this and in theory, it SHOULD have worked, but I'm not sure why it didn't. His solution was to just apply the clear coat he works with (a spray) and tape off the nail so it wouldn't get everywhere. But, what about the rest of us who don't have clear spray paint? I think maybe if it was acrylic paint that is brushed on it would have worked? Have any of you worked with acrylic paint before? Anywho, needless to say..I have extra pens that will more than likely find a new home :|

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