Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sally Hansen Lively Lilac

I totally missed Pink Wednesday yesterday, UGH! I just came home and layed on the couch and dozed off. I got up kinda late and wanted to watch American Idol, so I knew I needed a one coater to do a really fast mani. SH Insta-Dris to the rescue!

I love this lilac. It's darker than most of the lilacs/lavenders that I have and I love the silvery shimmer that it has. Is it possible for this to be a creamy shimmer? That's what I would best describe this as. I actually tried this once before and did 2 coats. When I applied SV over it, it wrinkled up for some reason. So from now on, Insta-Dris are strictly one-coaters. Besides...I love the color as it is. No streaking or gaps.

I'm still undecided on my Earth Day mani. Have you thought of what you're gonna wear tomorrow?

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