Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I have been dying to try Emerald Sparkle and today is the perfect day for it.
In my head this was really gonna look cool, but it's a total fail:

The stones are way too big for what I was going for, so you can't really tell that it's supposed to be Earth :( I think maybe if I would've used the little multicolored balls the overall look would have been much better. Oh well! At least the color is gorgeous. Here are a couple of shots of Emerald Sparkle by itself.

I'm off from work today so I'm spending all day with Bella watching Spongebob. We planted a few little palm trees a couple of weeks ago and we're gonna go clean up the few plants we have in our backyard. Those are my Earth Day plans. What are you planning to do??


  1. Love this green so beautiful, had no earth day plans had to work :-(

  2. Gorgeous shade of green!! I'm going to have to scoop this polish up!

  3. Your post made me get right on ebay and get this gorgeous gorgeous polish!