Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Belated Easter!

Happy Belated Easter everyone! I looked literally for an hour for my cables last night to upload these after we got home from all the Easter festivities, but they were nowhere to be found! I finally found them this morning in Bella's bag. Anywho, I had a more elaborate mani planned for Easter, but I'm glad that I went with something more simple. This is Sally Hansen Jade Jump. It's a part of their Spring 2011 line. This is the only one that I got from the collection (The others seemed dupeable. The only one I kind of regret not getting is Chartreuse Chase).

Ok, so I know most Insta-Dris are one coaters, and I'm sure this one would have been too...but it wasn't. I'm not sure if it was because a ton would come off the brush (I kept moving it off the brush so it applied very streaky) or the fact that I applied it too thin/thick (because of the brush problem). It looked fine after 2 coats though :) A while back I saw this on Chloe's Nails and decided to try it. I used craft scissors and cut a piece of Scotch tape and lined up the two strips to make the zig-zag pattern. I applied one coat of Lively Lilac..and voila! I accented the egg with pink rhinestones (I'm running low on them so I will soon have to invest in more). I did an thumb accent, but I ended up not liking it too much. Here is goes:

This is the one downside to working with rhinestones. I didn't get a decent pic of my thumb, but it was full of bubbles. It really irks me that the surface is not smooth. :( I ended up taking it off and just painting it JJ.

Bella had a great time. She got 4 Easter baskets (one of the perks of being an only child/only granddaughter on both sides). She ended up dumping one out and shoveling dirt in it, lol

What did you for Easter??

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  1. so cute ! all of these Easter nails are adorable!