Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Swatch Time: Revlon Mon Cherry

Good morning! So last night I went with DH and DD to the mall and by the time we got home it was time for bed. This was my NOTD (and today too). It's Revlon Mon Cherry. In the bottle it looked like a true red, but under the right light it has a pinkish tint to it. I LOVE it! And it smells soooo good! I kinda feel like I have an air freshner attached to my hand :) I really like the black top Revlons. They look so classy to me!

So I'm not one to wear much makeup, but one of my really good friends started wearing red lipstick a while back and I thought it looked gorgeous on her, so I took the plunge and picked one up for myself. I went to Ulta and had one of the Benefit (LOVE the brand) SA's do my makeup. If I knew how to properly apply it, I would do a tutorial, but I don'f :( She applied this true red lipstick and I wanted to find a polish to match it. I think MAC Obey Me is a better fit for it though. I really wish I knew how to apply my makeup as well as people I've seen. Oh well....at least my hands look pretty :)

So I ask....red lipstick, too much??


  1. I saw you with Obey me on MUA - looked great on you :)

  2. Thank you! It's an awesome red and the bottle is gorgeous too:)