Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Having a Bad Romance...

Hey everyone! So the weirdest thing happened with this whole Blogger downtime. My last post is completely gone! UGH! And it was super long too. Bummer. Anywho...I will try and recap what I wrote.

So I haven't been on much lately (a week seems like a looong time to me) for 3 very good reasons:

Reason #1. I've been swamped with work. As I'm typing this I am downing a coke and a Chocoloate Cream Pie because I need to stay awake.

Reason #2. I'm having some remodeling done in my house so it's a total mess there right now. We have no hot water and there's stuff everywhere (even my router is MIA). I am so excited for the renovations being done and I can't wait to see then end product. I have some update pics if ya'll wanna see :D

Which leads me to...

Reason #3 (more like Reason #1, actually). I have no nails! I literally gnawed all my nails off. It sucks, but I must was the BEST stress reliever EVER! Like...EVER!!! I not only bit them, but it seems as though I peeled off some layers of nail. It's awful and I totally regret it. Oh well!!!

I will dig in the vault and find some unposteds to show you in the meantime. Speaking of...why haven't I posted Bad Romance before?!? It's so gorgeous!


This is what they look like now

Anywho, thanks for enduring this crazy rant! I will finish off this amazing pie (this is also not the best of stress relievers).

What do you do to relieve stress?


  1. Heck yes, we'll want to see pictures of the remodel! That's exciting!

    I read that anything posted on Wednesday was removed, but they're working to restore it: ... at least that's what I understand from it.

    ... I think your short nails look good. At least you didn't mess up your cuticles like most people do when they munch their nails!

  2. i posted on this the last time saying "gimmeeee" hahahaha.
    i think the missing posts and comments are supposed to come back eventually!

  3. I went crazy looking for it. Ah well....if it comes back then I will erase the other one. :)

    I think once I reached my right thumb cuticle was when it hurt and I stopped, haha!