Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Award: Kreativ Blogger Award

Hi! So I have had this in my drafts for a while, I just couldn't think about 10 things that people might want to know about me, lol. I was given this award by shimmerspark. Thank you SO MUCH!!

Here are the rules: Write 10 facts about yourself. Pass the award to your favorite bloggers and tell them about the award.

Okay so here are my ten:

1. I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty, like to the point of near obsession. At random, people will give me HK things which I think is absolutely awesome.

2. I loveLOVElove BEER! I love tasting different kinds of beer, but I'm just a sucker for Mexican imports and Heineken. I always carry at least two containers of beer salt in my purse (weird, I know), and I own a hot pink beer pong table, lol. This sounds really bad...I don't have a problem, I promise!!

3. I have the weirdest crush on Mike Wolfe from American Pickers. He is seriously a really entertaining person to watch. I love to see how excited he gets. I think one time I spent something like 10 hours watching an AP Marathon. <3

4. I used to be a majorette and can twirl a baton like it's no ones business!! :D

5. I hate for my food to touch! I's weird. I have this crazy OCD so I don't like for my food to be messy. So if it's served together (like Chipotle, for example) I won't mix it. I think Bella has it too, she lines up the cans at the grocery store when we go buy food. She won't leave until they're all lined up. It's so funny!!

6. I take random pics of weird pic on the street stealth style. People watching is the best! At random I'll send them on to my friends for a good laugh :D

7. I love "nerdy" movies. Star Wars, Superman, Lord of the name it, I probably love it.

8. I am the biggest homebody ever.I think partly it's because when I go out with Bella I get so paranoid something is gonna happen to her. She's not even 3 yet, so she'll run around and I just start to freak out that she's gonna run off or something. But mostly it's because I genuinely like being at home vegging out. It's seriously the most amazing feeling to NOT have to do anything :)

9. I hate Mayo! Everything about it weirds me out. It's not white like sour cream, it smells funny, its consistency is so "BLAH". I just freaks me out!

10. I don't like too much ice in my drinks. I drink real slow so if there's too much ice, my drink gets really watered down. :(

Ok now here are my favorite blogs to read: (in no particular order)

Nails by Rachel She does the most interesting color combos ever, and I love her picture taking techniques. She does the most awesome angle pics I've seen

Emerald Sparkled She has the most creative manis ever! I love how she can recreate what she is inspired by onto her nails.

Chloe's Nails I mean, seriously....who isn't in love with Erika's nails? Pure perfection!

Kiss My Acetone This is the BEST blog name EVER! Dori does the best swatches!

Nails Beautiqued I wish I could grow my nails out like this! This is one of the most helpful blogs I've read. She posts tons of great tips and I love how nice she is.

Nailside Jane does some seriously awesome stuff with tape. Ahh the mummy mani, my fav!!

Thanks everyone for reading!


  1. thank you so much for the award, laura! you're so sweet =D

  2. Hi Laura, thanks so much for thinking of me! It's so sweet and I really appreciate it :)

  3. Laura, thank you so much!!!! OMG I too have that weird ocd, where my food can't touch!!! My husband just laughs, lol