Monday, May 16, 2011

All Hail the Queen!

Good morning everyone! How was yall's weekend?

Well, we're STILL with the remodel at home! RR1 is almost done. I'm hoping the sinks will be installed today and my bath fixtures so I can finally bathe at home (I've been going to my mom's house to shower). RR2 is completely demo'ed out, so the only thing working there is the toilet. I'm giving them until the 27th (Bella's birthday) to be done! Speaking of...I will have to find a new place to take NOTDs. These (and 99% of my pics) were taken on top of my sink up against a mirror, both of which are gone :(

Digging in the vault again I found Butter London All Hail the Queen. Ahh...this one was hard to find! I had been eyeing it for a while now, but with all the Royal Wedding madness, it was always sold out. Ulta FINALLY started carrying this, so I snatched it up as quickly as I saw it. It reminds me of China Glaze Cyberspace, only the holo is a bit warmer. (I'll have to do a side/side comp). I actually wore this on my toes and LOVED it, it went with everything!

I wanted to try Henley Regatta, but I'm afraid with my nails as short as they are now that the glitter is going to get everywhere. I will wait. Impatiently.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


  1. What a beautiful color! I can't wait until an Ulta opens near me!

  2. My nearest Ulta is like 30 min away so I go in with a list of things I wanna look at.

  3. They're opening one soon 45 minutes away...and it happens to be just past where my parents live...what a coincidence! :) I'm a huge fan of lists, too, it's always good to have a game plan!

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