Monday, June 20, 2011

My Uphill Battle

Ok so I've always had a problem with biting my nails. I come from a family of chronic nail biters (it's hereditary, right?? LOL). I may have mentioned this before, but I was a religious acrylic nail applier/wearer for about 10 years...twice a month, every month. I finally kicked the habit last year and managed to grow my own was one of my proudest moments ever, lol. The stress got to me I guess, now I'm back to nubbins.

I'm gonna start keeping track of my progress. We'll see what works and what doesn't, wish me luck!!

Last time I bit my nails I totally went to town on them. I bit them all the way back and even peeled layers back. The result; not pretty!!

Here is what they look like today:

I will be using these products:
-Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle (I have some left from a few months back, so I'm using this up)
-Nutra Nail Growth Treatment w/aloe vera (this always works for me)
-Orly Nail Armor

Any ideas or recommendations are greatly welcomed!!!!

[xox] L


  1. Have you tried any of the chemical deterrents? I know OPI and Zoya make them, amongst others.. You paint it on like a strengthener and it's supposed to taste really super bitter when you bite it. Maybe that would help? Good luck!

  2. I'm usually really good about not biting them unless I'm stressed. I just have to find better ways to manage it :(

  3.'s also when I'm thinking, or nervous, or excited....maybe I should just become a zombie!!

  4. I'm really happy to see you posting. We all have our "issues". Join the club!

  5. Ugh.. nail biting sucks so bad! Atm I'm pretty much over it, I just hope no stress comes along! My biggest tips are to take super super good care of your cuticles, they are most important when it comes to strong and healthy nails. Next thing is to always wear polish. And make sure you hydrate your nails enough (: Good luck with your nails, I'm curious about your results!

  6. Good luck. I tried going without acrylic last winter and failed but I hope you make it. <3