Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Soooo Sorry!

Ok, so I have been seriously slacking. I still have no nails, but I'm hoping that by posting I will be motivated to get back on the right track and repair my nails. They're short, uneven, and have been seriously neglected!! Buuut for those of you that RRs are done!!! The stress is over! Here is a pic of the demolition (I have no before pics unfortunately) and the after.



Thanks for sticking it out with me!!!

[xox] L


  1. Wow that looks SO great!! I want to get sinks like that :P

  2. Thanks ladies! I fell in looove with the sinks from the moment I saw them. We found a place that gas them wholesale so we got a really good price for them :)

  3. Your bathroom looks GREAT! You made some awesome decisions!

  4. Wow if I could wake up and walk into THAT every morning, life would be a little nicer! :)

  5. It has become my zen place :) I even take the time to take long baths instead of showers