Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tutorial: Penguin

Happy Sunday everyone! Thank you to Aimee for this tutorial request. I was already wearing Kiss Soft Purple (it came from the nail art pens and I just decanted into an old SV bottle).

How pretty is this color?!


-Dotting tool
-Small, thin brush (this came in a set of art brushes I got at Michael's)
-Heart Rhinestones
-WnW French White Creme
-WnW Sunny Side Up
-Sation Black
-SH Insta Dri Top Coat

I use a Ziploc bag to pour out all the np I will be working with. I poured out about 3-4 drops of the white onto the bag. With the brush I drew the outline of the body

I filled in the rest of the body with the regular brush (I tried to fill in in with the thinner brush, but it was really streaky).

The edges weren't so clean afterwards. I already had a coat of TC before I started so I dipped my brush into acetone and cleaned up the edges. That's really how I get all my lines cleaned up. It's much easier to clean up lines when there is a layer of TC, the color doesn't smear.

Next I poured a drop of the black on to the bag and with the smallest end of the dotting tool (for the eyes)

The smallest end works the best:

I used the brush to make the beak and feet. I just did 3 horizontal lines. 

I applied another coat of TC and cleaned up the white from my fingers with my regular clean up brush. I applied one of the heart rhinestones on my pinky. 

Here is the end result again:

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! :)


  1. Adorable! Thank you for posting the tutorial :)

  2. That Looks Amazing :D Thanks! :D x