Thursday, July 14, 2011 are my guilty pleasure!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Am I the only one who buys a nail polish with the full intention of not wearing it until (enter time here)?? Before Spring & Summer came, all I could look at was bright that I "can" wear them, all I want to do is look at vampys and darker colors. I got Graphite a couple of weeks back and I told myself I would wait until it was cooler to wear it. I kind of wanted to wait to build up anticipation because I liked the color so much. ( has the fastest shipping ever!) I was bored at home and Bella was asleep so curiosity got the best of me. I just HAD to put this on and see what it looked like. It did NOT dissapoint! It's a dark(ish)silver foil with gold undertones. This is 2 coats

Revlon is supposed to be coming out with a dupe of this, but when I saw it I felt that it anyone could dupe this, it would be Zoya. For some reason the finish on this reminds me of Edyta. I know it's not green like Edyta, but the foil and undertones looks like it has some of the same properties. 

But still, dupe or no dupe...there's just something about having the original feels a little better. I only have 2 Chanels (so far), but they are in my HG along with all my pretties :)

What's your np indulgence??


  1. Its beautiful. The ladies on MUA/nailboard said Revlon's dupe is named carbonite. I haven't seen it yet though :)

  2. I've only seen bottle shots on MUA, but from what I can tell...Carbonite looks a little less foil-y. Still, it's not a bad alternative to spending $25 for one bottle :)