Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Color That Started it All...

Do you remember what the first color you thought "I HAVE to have that!!" was? For me it was Lincoln Park After Dark.

I remember sitting in my local nail salon waiting an hour to get my acrylics (ahhh!!) and seeing this in a magazine and thinking, "I NEED that color!!" I asked the lady doing my nails if she had it, which she did (a half used bottle) and I remember paying FULL price for it! I used it on my toes that whole fall/winter until my nails were all stained. LPAD was released in the Fall/Winter 2005 Chicago Collection. It is perfect!

The application is great, 2 coats and you're ready to go. No streaks!! I love this color for winter, it's edgy enough to look really chic without looking completely black and goth. The wear is great on this too, I can go a good 4-5 with no chips. Even without a TC, it's really shiny, reminds me of an oil spill. It's a plum-black. The cleanup is really easy as it doesn't "bleed" as much in cleanup like most blacks do. This is definitely a staple color for any nail polish lover and will always be my HG of vamps :D

What's your HG of colors??


  1. This is a really slick looking polish! As silly as it may sound Wet N Wild Black Creme is one of my favorites, it's so pigmented and I love how smooth the formula is. I use it for all sorts of manis with glitter, flaky, or sheer/color shifting top coats or wear it on it's own, or with some bling.. I can go on.. it's the most versatile polish I own. I go through bottles of it, and if I wear it with a base coat it rarely chips. Idk how long it lasts exactly though, because I usually get bored and change polish every 2-3 days. Another HG is China Glaze Fairy Dust.. they use such a fine, shiny holo glitter that with one coat it's almost invisible unless you're directly in the sun. I love to put it over my favorite pinks to dress them up, especially on my toes ;)

  2. Omg Black Creme is great!! I always have at least 2 bottles of it at any given time. Hmmmm...I don't own Fairy Dust, maybe I need to pick it up!