Friday, October 14, 2011

Creepy Candy Corn

Who doesn't love candy corn?!? It's so yummy! I never seem to be able to find any holiday collections at my local drug stores EVER, so I kinda stopped looking. This year must be my lucky year, I have found them at both Walgreens and CVS. YAY!!

I picked 2 WnW Fantasy Makers: Creepy Pumpkin and Black Magic. They also had Purple Potion, but I read that it looks alot like Night Prowl, so I passed on it.

This is the first one I have tried so far and I LOVE it! It an orange jelly with tiny gold, orange, and irridescent glitter. It was a little thick when I first applied it, so I just added a few drops of thinner and it was good to go! In the first set of pics (with the candy corn), I'm wearing two coats of CP, so there is still a VNL. In the ones by itself, I added a third coat and it was completely opaque. It is a little gritty, but one coat of SV smooths it all out. This is a great deal for $2 and how cute are these little tombstones!?!

I decided to try and do some candy corn inspired art. I used WnW French White Creme and OPI The "It" Color to complete it

Sorry, I went a little picture crazy.....


Thumb Detail

Here is Creepy Pumpkin by itself. Look how pretty it is...

Artifical Light/No Flash I love Halloween Candy!! What's your favorite??

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