Thursday, October 13, 2011

Icing Blackout

So when I posted the Dia de Los Muertos mani, my favorite nail was actually my ring finger. So simple, yet it made such a statement. I got this little beauty in a swap earlier this year and I hadn't tried it yet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!? It's sooo pretty!!

Icing Blackout is a black jelly with tiny holo glitter. I wanted it completetely opaque, but read that you needed at least 3 coats to achieve that, so I just applied WnW Black Creme underneath instead. As you can see, it's really tricky to apply...cleanup was a bia!! (And it's still under my nails, ugh!!)

Black nails are just so chic to me, and this is a great way to spice it up...and perfect for Halloween!!


  1. I lovvve blackout! Your nails look so shiny here, too!:)

  2. I really liked how easy it was to "un-grit" this...compared to other glitters.