Wednesday, October 12, 2011

:::CLOSED::: Halloween Giveaway...

:::EDIT::: Ok so this wasnt totally my fault as I wasn't very clear. I will use the comments posted on this post and combine them with the posts from post where I originally announced the giveaway HERE and use those for the drawing that will be held on Nov 1st. Sorry about the confusion, I guess I was just so eager about it that I didn't think it through...GOOD luck!!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Ok so here are the details of the first giveaway. I'm going to do the some of the Tronicas first....I'm thinking of giving 5 away for Halloween:

Here is what you can win:

-Cyberspace (Taupe Holo)
-Gamer Glam (Purple Holor)
-Hologram (Silver Holo)
-Laser Lime (Green Holo)
-Electra Magenta (Magenta Holo)

So what do you ladies think?

I'm still kinda undecided on how I'm going to do the entries. Should I have the comments count on the actual giveaway posting (in case ya'll might not be interested in every one of them) or on yesterday's post?

Good luck!!


  1. Sounds like an amazing giveaway to me!!!

  2. I'm not choosey!

  3. Doesn't quite matter to me! Julie,!!!

  4. That's awesome!!
    GFC: babypanda

  5. Thank you for doing this!

    GFC: psalm117
    email: psalm117[at]gmail[dot]com

  6. Hi, in case this is the right post to enter your giveaway, I let you my mail : titiandbrit (@) hotmail (.) com
    Thank you :)