Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pure Ice Purple Reign

Don't you just LOVE when you can find the best colors for the least amount of money?? High end companies should really take a cue from these store brands sometimes because in my opinion, they sometimes have the widest selection of colors. I've only seen Pure Ice at Walmart, and they have a pretty good selection of colors and shimmers....not to mention they're super cheap!

One of their best colors is Purple Reign. It's a mauve-y smoky purple with coppery-gold shimmer. Indoors it looks like your typical purple mauve office shade, but in the sunlight you can really see the shimmer. This kind of makes me think of cooking Thanksgiving dinner as a "mom". You know..the kind of mom's that don't wear blue nail polish and cook in a dress and heels. Haha! Weird huh??

Thinking of turkeys...


  1. Yes - that's a great color. I really need to cut-back on my internet purchases. Considering my recent Lynnderella purchase, I need to be on a no buy for a good 3-4 months!

  2. Definitely going to be making a trip to walk mart for this!

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  4. Congrats, I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    You definitely deserve it!

  5. Laura, I nominated you for Cute Blog Award! Come back, I miss you!

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