Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nail Art Challenge (Day 10)

Hey everyone! Ok, I just wanna start off by saying coming up with new ideas every day is hard! (Hence the word CHALLENGE I guess, lol) I completely drew a blank as far as what to do today. I started off with Forever 21's Love & Beauty in Olive Green.

It has a bit of a foil-y finish to it. The first coat went on a bit sheer, but was almost completely opaque after the second coat. Not a bad deal for $2.50!

Day 10 was really tough for me. I spent all day trying to figure out what I would do to this color. I finally went with flowers since I've never done then before.

This is not one of my favs, like at all! It kind of reminds me of grandma curtains of cushions for some reason. Although my grandma had neither, she had those god awful plastic covered couches. Ha!

10 of 31

The 3D accents are my little silver balls. They're surprisingly easy to work with. I use the end of my dotting tool, dip it in clear np, then pick up a little ball, and voila! I swear by the Konad Special Polishes. I know alot of ladies do some wonderful things with regular polish, my skills are just not that good. It takes me forever to stamp, and by the time I'm ready to stamp the np has already dried. So these are good for me. A bit pricey I must say, but worth it :)

What kind of polish do you find the best to stamp with??

Laura :)

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