Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nail Art Challenge (Day 9)

I'm officially in St. Patty's Day mood! I picked up Essence Lime Up! a while back on a trip to Ulta as an alternative to OPI's Who the Shrek are You? (I still don't have it either). It's been sitting in my untried, so as I mentioned before...I'm gonna try and go through all my greens this month.

I think this gonna be really pretty in the summer, but that can wait because Houston summers are horrible! BTW...have ya'll tried Benetint? It's seriously the best stuff ever! Oh! So a seriously amazing NBer RAOKed me with Sinful Green Ocean. I kept staring at the bottle and really meant to layer it over a teal, but because I'm impatient I just HAD to use it immediately. It's so hard to capture what this color looks like in person.

9 of 31

I layered it over every finger except the middle. To contrast Lime Up! I used Sally Hansen Mint Sprint. For the ring finger, I used the scotch tape method. For the index I used Konad M79. Next time I use Green Ocean I think I will use it on a more bluish color. With Lime Up, it looks like pee. Overall, I really like mismatched manis.

What kind of manis do you like?

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