Friday, March 11, 2011

Nail Art Challenge (Day 11)

Happy Friday everyone! Ok, so this was not my original idea for today's mani, but my previous attempt I went with something else I've been wanting to try for a while. So today I'm going with newspaper print mani...
11 of 31

As with any new project, it's all about practice. So I learned the basics of it...and now I know what to/not to do next time I try this.I like the color combo (Essie Sew Psyched), so that's a plus. But next time I will wait until it's FULLY dried before I use the newspaper!! My index finger looks wonky because I had to redo it and I didnt wait for it to fully dry. I also think this might work better once my nails are a tiny bit longer to get even lettering on the whole surface. All in all not bad for my first try.

I have a huge peely on my ring finger, so I've filed my nail down wayyy short. Much too short actually (that's why they look uneven). I have to come with an quick solution so I MIGHT try and use a fakey while it grows out. It's really irking me how off it looks from the rest of my nails.

Do you guys use fakeys if you have a break and want your nails to look even, or do you just leave it like it is?

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