Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Purple Rain

Happy Hump Day everyone! I'm home sick and just woke up from a 12 hour nap...I'm trying to sleep this cold far so good :) I've been meaning to post this since Monday, but with this cold I haven't had the energy to do much. Remember a while back when I posted my franken, Black Rainbow? Well, if you remember the recipe, I used up 3/4 of a bottle of DS Sapphire. I had an unused fourth of Sapphire and it just sat there for a while.  I was looking for my A-England Lady of the Lake one day and for the life of me, couldn't find it. I have literally looked EVERYWHERE for it...still NOTHING :( While I find it, I decided to make my own, so I used the 1/4 of Sapphire and mixed it with maybe about 1/3 of Zoya Pinta and I came up with Purple Rain (ha! Cheesy, I know)

The holo on this is alot more noticeable than the one in Black Rainbow, I wonder why? Maybe because there was no black added to this (as the WnW Black that I added to BR). I love everything about this color. The base is nice and rich and the application was great, just two coats and it was opaque.

I really need to pick up a few more bottles of Sapphire to see what else I can cook up. What colors do you think would look great with a little holo added??


  1. Wow--love this! I still can't bring myself to think of using DS holos to franken with, so I'll just have to enjoy your experiments for now. :)

  2. great :D

    I also have a holo franken in Seche bottle :P But Gosh Holographic + Essence Back To Paradise ;-)

  3. omg amazing franken!! sooo pretty!
    will you give it to me? please? :)

  4. ooooohhhhhh I really like this!! I looove purple! Especially when it's holo ;)