Friday, October 28, 2011

Snow White Mani

Today Bella has her Halloween/Fall Dress-up Day and Festival at school. I'm pretty bummed I don't get to see her until the afternoon :( They asked all the kids to dress up as their favorite book character, so she wanted to be Snow White. That worked out PERFECT for me because we just recycled her costume from last year and I still get to see her in this year's costume on Halloween :) This is our first actual school function, so I decided to do a Snow White mani to show my support, haha!!

I decided to do an apple accent on my ring finger and a crown (to represent the Evil Queen) on my thumb.

Here are the colors I used:
-Thumb: 10 Pinky Promise w/OPI Glitzerland & ChG Medallion accent
-Index: Zoya Sooki (2 coats)
-Middle: MAC Spirit of Truth (2 coats)
-Ring: SH Red Carpet, OPI YDKJ & Green-wich Village
-Pinky: OPI The "It" Color (3 coats)

I rarely show my right hand since I have a hard time drawing decent accents with my left. But here is my left just had to get into the action :)

I did an apple accent on my right thumb and WnW Black Creme with a bow Konaded (is that even a word??) with BL Knees Up (I can't wait to do a full mani with this!!) to represent Snow White's hair/bow.

Bells loved this mani so I did her nails too!!
I LOVE these fat little fingers SOOO much!!!

This was Bells last year. Hopefully I can get a good picture of her today :)

She even had a matching apple candy bag
These little felt candy bags are super easy to make. I made her one for her costume this year. Check out my tutorial HERE if you want to learn how to make these :)


  1. Love those apple nails. Both of your hands came out great!

  2. super cute mani I love the apples and omg your daughter looks so adorable in her costume she is too cute!

  3. Love your affiliation to snow white costume..Your daughter is super cute.bless her

  4. The apple accent is so cute ♥ Perfect for this Snow White mani!
    I'm whooooed by your handmade apple bag, you're very talented!